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Following her explosive single “Close Isn’t Enough”, Nashville-based indie pop artist daena returns with her retro-inspired debut EP, “Electric!”. Filled with lush layered vocals, glittery synths and just a little bit of punchy guitar, this record flashes moments of clarity to listeners in the darkness. For fans of MUNA, Sigrid + Betty Who, you’ll dance, you’ll cry, and then you’ll dance some more.

As a queer woman, daena hopes to be a role model for other young people in the community. “It’s important to help normalize queer relationships,” daena says. “Love is universal, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation or anything else - and it’s okay to feel that love as strongly as you do”.


Listen to the Electric! EP:

featuring the explosive single "Close Isn't Enough" (recently featured on Spotify's "Fresh Finds", "Fresh Finds Poptronix" and "Night Pop" playlists)

Booking / Inquires: daenamusicinfo@gmail.com

"daena speaks stories into her songs, and it’s made us more empathetic listeners.

And better dancers."



Booking / Inquires: