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Following her debut EP “Electric!”, Nashville-based, queer indie pop artist daena returns (celebrating National Coming Out Day) with her new single “Bright Enough”, taking listeners on a journey towards self-love and unshakeable pride. With layered waves of dreamy electric guitar, soft synths, and drums that resonate like a heartbeat, “Bright Enough” offers an emotional and honest peek behind the curtain that climaxes into a joyful, coming out anthem.

daena's songs have been placed on Spotify's "Fresh Finds", "Fresh Finds Poptronix" and "Night Pop" playlists, featured on iHeart Radio, Breaking Sound Radio, + more.

As a queer woman, daena hopes to be a role model for other young people in the community. “It’s important to help normalize all queer relationships and identities,” daena says. “I hope that my music can encourage listeners to be true to who they are - and proud of it - no matter where they are in their journey of self-discovery and love”.


Listen to the Electric! EP:

featuring the explosive single "Close Isn't Enough" (recently featured on Spotify's "Fresh Finds", "Fresh Finds Poptronix" and "Night Pop" playlists)

Booking / Inquires: daenamusicinfo@gmail.com

"daena speaks stories into her songs, and it’s made us more empathetic listeners.

And better dancers."

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